Javier Yebes, PhD. RobeSafe, UAH

MsC in Advanced Electronic Systems. Intelligent Systems

Teaching and supervision of lab activities during 2012/13 and 2013/14 seasons in:

  Computer Vision.

  Intelligent Control.

Projects Co-Advising

   "Diseño de un sistema de navegación visual con evitación de obstáculos para personas invidentes"
(Design of a visual navigation system with obstacle avoidance for visually impaired people)
Degree Thesis by Alberto Rodríguez Fernández, Ad: L.M. Bergasa, June 2012. Related published paper: pdf download

   "Teleoperación inalámbrica de robot humanoide mediante traje con sensores de tipo resistivo lineal"
(Wireless tele-operation of a humanoid robot through the use of a suit of linear resistive sensors)
Master Thesis by Andrés Fernando Cela Rosero, Ad: L.M. Bergasa, July 2012. Related published paper: pdf download

   "Intelligent video surveillance system based on computer vision"
Master Thesis by Roberto Arroyo Contera, Ad: L.M. Bergasa, June 2013. Related published paper: (in reviewing process)

  "Conditional Random Fields Applied to Image Understanding"
Degree Thesis by Mario Passani Montero, Ad: L.M. Bergasa, July 2014.

  "3D Object Recognition and Pose Estimation using VFH descriptors"
Degree Thesis by Alberto Lázaro Enguita, Ad: L.M. Bergasa, July 2014.