Javier Yebes, PhD. RobeSafe, UAH

Short bio

I am a Machine Vision Engineer at GOBOTiX Ltd. currently working on R&D consultancy projects for the deployment of vision technology in autonomous robotics. Former PostDoc and PhD student under the supervision of Prof. L. M. Bergasa, who is the director of RobeSafe at the Department of Electronics, University of Alcalá (UAH). I received the PhD in Computer Vision and Robotics from UAH in July 2014 and I have been working in RobeSafe research group since October 2008 collaborating in several ITS projects funded by private and public institutions. Before starting my PhD thesis, I received a MsC in Advanced Electronic Systems. Intelligent Systems from the University of Alcalá (UAH) in September 2010.

In addition, I spent five months distributed between 2011 and 2012 in the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago under the advisory of Prof. Raquel Urtasun, who offered me the opportunity to learn graphical models, CRF and collaborate in 3D scene understanding projects.Moreover, I also visited VIG of TU-Darmstadt for 5 months in 2013. During this internship, Prof. Stefan Roth provided his advice in machine learning and visual inference techniques to approach the detection of road users in the KITTI images.

I have also worked for 3 years on Teléfonica I+D projects concerning the multimedia messaging and browsing platforms in Movistar service provider. These platforms were employed by all the mobile devices of Movistar.


    Apart from my research and professional experience, I enjoy travelling, cycling, cooking, dancing and having fun with family and friends.