Javier Yebes, PhD. RobeSafe, UAH


I am a Machine Vision Engineer at GOBOTiX Ltd. currently working on R&D consultancy projects for the deployment of vision technology in autonomous robotics. Former PostDoc and PhD student under the supervision of Prof. L. M. Bergasa, who is the director of RobeSafe at the Department of Electronics, University of Alcalá (UAH).

Machines in general and robots in particular could support us in many everyday tasks. In fact, they will be active players in our future lives. Then, let's provide them a smart and accurate perception of the world and, let's try to get closer to the amazing and infinite human perception and learning capabilities. Image sensors capture world information in 2D format, but what are the pixels for a robot or an intelligent vehicle? Let's do some amount of R&D to provide them a meaningful 3D world by using Computer Vision techniques and Machine Learning methods.

Research interests

Computer Vision

Object recognition, scene understanding, visual learning, intelligent video surveillance, 3D reconstruction.

Machine learning

Supervised and unsupervised learning, structured learning and inference, Support Vector Machines (SVM), latent SVM, Conditional Random Fields (CRF), dimensionality reduction.


Visual SLAM, service robots, aiding systems for the visually impaired.

Autonomous vehicles

ADAS, visual recognition, occupants monitoring, driver drowsiness detection, smart driving applications.


June 2016. UAH Doctoral Thesis rank #1 out of 29

My Doctoral Thesis and research career at UAH has been awarded a special prize for season 2013/14. It was ranked #1 out of 29 defended Doctoral Theses under category "engineering and architecture".


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