In September 2019 Luis Miguel Bergasa gave a lecture at the AI and Robotics Workshop organized by RoboCity2030 in Madrid titled "Robocity2030: Madrid Robotics Digital Innovation Hub".

In this WS the poster presented by our group entitled "Designing a Drive-by-Wire System for an Autonomous Electric Car" was awarded the prize for the best WS poster.


On March 10,  Carlos Gómez Huélamo was recipient of an Honorable Mention in the XVI Edition of the contest "Premio a la Innovación Tecnológica 2019", sponsored by the Fundación Rodolfo Benito Samaniego (FRBS) and COIIM Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid associations, representing one of the three best Master's Degree Final Project in Industrial Engineering among the regions of Madrid, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and País Vasco, including both the public and private universities. The project, titled "Técnicas Predictivas para el Entendimiento de Escenas usando Deep Learning", was supervised by Prof. Luis Miguel Bergasa.

In summary, the scope of the project, developed in the RobeSafe research group (Department of Electronics, Universidad de Alcalá), is to propose an accurate and real-time Deep Learning based Multi-Object Tracking (MOT) software architecture in the context of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Additional tools involved in the project were ROS (Robot Operating System), Docker, the CARLA autonomous driving simulator and our real world autonomous electric vehicle.

Thanks to my colleagues and professors of the UAH, specially those teammates of the RobeSafe research group, without which this award would have been unattainable.

And to finish he had some nice words of thanks: "Thanks to my colleagues and professors at UAH, especially colleagues from the RobeSafe research group, without whom this award would have been unattainable."


On July 24, the RobeSafe research group (Luis Miguel Bergasa, Department of Electronics, Escuela Politécnica Superior UAH) held a driving test on the External Campus of the Universidad de Alcalá. Our autonomous electric car, based on a TABBY EVO Platform by Open Motors®, demonstrated its new enhanced skills in terms of waypoint tracking based control (Rodrigo Gutierrez Moreno), EKF based localization using GNSS and Wheel Odometry devices and a Drive-By-Wire system, all of them integrated using ROS communications. Furthermore, we give a step forward regarding V2U paradigm (Vehicle-To-User) testing our HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), which help us to monitorize (Javier Araluce Ruiz) the main parameters of our vehicle (such as the battery state, amount of GLONASS and GPS satellites or the car speed) as well as the possibility to introduce a route using a central touch screen in a similar way to some automotive companies such as Tesla.

We are super excited to keep working and test our DL based perception systems on our NVIDIA Jetson embedded computing boards in the next driving tests to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our system!



The award is awarded by international experts of recognized prestige for the group's continuous research in the line of perception systems applied to robotics, road infrastructures and intelligent vehicles. UAH is the first Spanish institution to receive an award

Robesafe, the UAH research group attached to the Department of Electronics, obtains this international award for the contributions made since its foundation in 2006 in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Contributions that are related to the research of advanced driving assistance systems or the development of the VISUALISE system (Visual Inspection of Signs and Panels) for the automatic inspection of traffic signs and panels on board a vehicle at conventional driving speeds, patented in 2008, extended to PCT in 2009 and commercially exploited by the EUROCONSULT group. In addition, the commercialization of this system gave rise to the creation of the first EBT of the UAH in 2009 with the name of ‘Vision Safety Technologies S.L. (VST) '.


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Interview in Cadena SER with Luis Miguel Bergasa, professor in the electronics department of the University of Alcalá and coordinator of the research group Robesafe, on the SmartEderlyCar project.



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