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The RobeSafe group at the University of Alcalá conducts exhaustive research on Perception Systems applied to the fields of Service Robotics and e-Safety. It was officially recognized by the Community of Madrid at 2006 (Reference CCTT2006/R42). Our research interest include the following techniques for the Service Robotics field: multi-sensorial perception, location, navigation, mapping and human-robot interfaces. Regarding eSafety field, we are interested in driver behaviors and scene understanding using Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques for intelligent vehicle applications.


The group usually participates in different projects supported by public institutions as the European Commission, Spanish Ministry of Science, Community of Madrid and University of Alcalá. On the other hand, the final goal of our group is to transfer the results of our technologies to the industry. In this sense, the group collaborates with different companies in order to commercialize their technologies.

Visit our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwPkJRQxBO63tG3bZbE63KQ