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Welcome to my personal website!!

I am a Research Scientist at the Computer Vision Group (CVG) in Toshiba Research Europe, Cambridge, UK. My research is focused on different aspects of computer vision, in particular feature detection and description, large scale 3D reconstruction and sensor fusion.

Previously, I was working as a Research Associate at the BORG Lab, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA working with Dr. Frank Dellaert (2013) and at at the Advanced Laparoscopy and Computer Vision (ALCoV) group under the supervision of Dr. Adrien Bartoli (2012).

I obtained my PhD in 2011 from the University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain. My PhD thesis was about using SLAM techniques for assisting visually impaired users and humanoid robots during navigation. I was a member of the RobeSafe group, working under the supervision of Dr. Luis Miguel Bergasa.

During my PhD I had the opportunity of visiting different countries and the pleasure of meeting very interesting people. In 2008 I did a 3-months internship at Georgia Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Frank Dellaert. In 2009, I did an internship at Imperial College London under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Davison. In 2010, I did an internship at AIST, Tsukuba under the supervision of Dr. Olivier Stasse working with humanoid robots. I really thank all of them for the opportunity they offered me. It was a pleasure working there and meeting nice labmates!!

Since 2009, I am one of the co-founders of Vision Safety Technologies Ltd a spin-off company established to commercialize computer vision systems for road infrastructure inspection.


pablo.alcantarilla [at] crl.toshiba.co.uk

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