Alcalá University

The UAH Range-only Datasets

The range-only data presented is intended for use in WiFi range-only position estimation research. This data will be of particular use to anyone interested in exploring the use of WiFi range-only and useful for mobile robot localization. The data is gathered in indoor environments under real conditions (people wandering around, etc.).

Data Synopsis:

  • Each dataset consists of paths that traverse several meters.
  • Instrumented by autonomous robot with a laser scan matching for ground truth.
  • Dead reckoned path, collected wheel encoders.
  • Range measurements to the surveyed radio nodes.
  • Synchronized timestamps between the range, odometry and groundtruth data streams.
Log Formats

GT: Groundtruth path from Laser Scan matching

Time (sec) X_pose (m) Y_pose (m) Heading (rad)

DR: Odometry Input (delta distance traveled and delta heading change)

Time (sec) Delta Dist. Trav. (m) Delta Heading (rad)

DR_PROC: Dead Reckoned Path from Odometry

Time (sec) X_pose (m) Y_pose (m) Heading (rad)

TL: Surveyed Beacon Locations

Time (sec) X_pose (m) Y_pose (m)


Time (sec) Sender / Antenna ID Receiver Node ID Range (m)
Data descripction & Download

Plot and description of the different datasets. The numbers next to each node in the groundtruth figure presents the number of measurements received by the robot to the node.

The robot traveled 0.95 km receiving 4,604 range measurements.
The robot traveled 0.9 km receiving 5,081 range measurements.


  • Fernando Herranz       fernando.herranz
  • Manuel Ocaña      mocana