Hi! I'm Manuel Ocaña, a Full Professor
at the University of Alcalá.

Welcome to my personal webpage!


19th December 2023

We have received an Award in International Excellence Campus 2023

1st June 2019

In Eurobot2019 finals with UAH Team

3rd July 2018

Doing a Research Stay in the University of Edinburgh. With Nasa's Valkyrie!

25th September 2017

European Researchers' Night. We participate in this event dedicated to popular science and fun learning, with our microrrobot building proposal. 300 cities and 30 countries were involved.

18th May 2017

Eduardo, Ángel and me were in Teresa de Berganza School (Boadilla del Monte) giving a robotics workshop for kids under 5 years old. It was so great!

5th November 2015

Join with Noelia and Eduardo, we gave a talk about Service Robotics during the Robotics Week of the University of Alcalá (Click on the image to watch the conference on Youtube (Spanish))