Source code

This section contains some code you may find useful. Bug reports are welcome. All code is released under GNU GPLv3, or GNU LGPL for the libraries.

  1. CLM_uah source code. A free (partial) implementation of D. Christinacce’s Constrained Local Models (CLM) in C++, using OpenCV 2.x. CLM_uah is licensed under GPLv3. [CLM_uah-0.1.0.tar.bz2]

  1. Model Building Tools (MBT) source code. A set of little tools to create texture and shape models (using PCA). MBT is licensed under GPLv3. [modelBuildingTools-0.1.0.tar.bz2]

  1. Feature Point Marker (FPM) source code. This tool allows for a faster mark-up of points in images. FPM was developed in an GNU/Linux environment, and uses OpenCV and Boost. FPM is licensed under GPLv3. [Download].

  1. RawVideoTools (RVR) source code. This source contains the library used to access RAW videos recorded at the RobeSafe Research Group. The library reads a header written in the first line of the image. There are functions to extract the data as an OpenCV's IplImage, and converting to other format should be very easy. RVR is licensed under LGPLv3. [Download].


Other stuff

  1. Introductory talk to the C++ API in OpenCV 2.x

    A small talk I gave about the new C++ API and its functionality. The slides and a very simple CMAKE project with the examples in the slides are available: [slides] [sample_project]

  1. Marie Curie fellowship template in LaTeX.

    The ERC provides a template for the Part B of the Marie Curie application, but it is in RTF. Duplicating that template in LaTeX is easy, but just in case you are interested, here is mine: [IEF-PartB_template.tex]. This is for the Intra-European Fellowship, but I guess the other calls use a similar format.

Don’t forget to update the data for your particular year/call. DOUBLE CHECK FOR CHANGES between the template and your particular call. I’m happy to correct any errors or include any updates :-).

  1. Introductory talk to CMake.

    I gave an introductory talk to CMake for other members of my research group. The slides and examples (in Spanish) are here.

Coming soon:

  1. Robust Simultaneous Modeling and Tracking (RSMAT) C++ code.